Course Description

It's a great course so far! I'm really understanding the fundamentals of Accounting - which was difficult before. I like how short the videos and examples are, you get the gist of what he's teaching quickly and he explains the jargon along the way. The exercises have been the most helpful as they reinforce what was just taught.

The course has done a better job, in an hour, of explaining the much needed basic accounting concepts than my college professor was able to do in half a semester.

He explains every topic very well and to the detail. He also uses various ways of presentation which makes the course attractive and engaging. The best course to learn accounting fast.

I am having fun with the colorful graphics. It is not boring to watch and the voice of the instructor is clear.

I am taking a class in accounting as one of major subjects and I think this course is way better than my current class. It is easier to understand.

First, I cannot believe that I started to love accounting. For every topic there is a cartoon which explains everything. Then problem solving videos applying the concepts previously learned. Humor is all over the place and the entire course is quite dynamic. I was actually (for the first time) eager to learn accounting.

1) Business Computer Application-

# hardware & Software

# Working with windows 10

# File & Folder Management

2) Business Accounting-

# Accounting Concept

# Capital & Revenue Transactions

# Journal Entries 

# Depreciation

# Stock Valuation

# year end adjustment

# Final Account


3)Tally Prime With GST-

# Fundamental of tally

# Accounting Masters in tally

# Inventory in tally under GST

# voucher entry under Gst

# Goods & Services Tax(GST)

# Adv. Accounting in tally

# Adv. Inventory under Gst

# Point of Sale(Pos)

# job costing

# Taxation under Gst

# Tax deducted at source

4) Business Communication-

Business Communication-

# Communication Skill

# Presentation Skills

# Interview Skills

# People Skill

# Cover letter

# Resume design

# E-mail Etiquette

# Time Management

What You’ll Learn?
  • Learn and identify specific items on the Financial Statements (Income Statement, Statement of Retained Earnings, Balance Sheet)
  • Learn how to prepare financial statements
  • Learn how to analyze business transactions
  • Learn about Debits and Credits
  • Must-Know Accounting Regulations
  • Accounting Framework: It consists a set of principles, coding and grouping structure of accounting.
  • Operating Procedure: It is a well-defined operating procedure blended suitably with the operating environment of the organisation.

Course Curriculum